1. Being on fire:
2. Radiant with bright color:
3. Fervent or excited.
Drama is a centrifugal part of the arts at Soul's Harbor Church.  Lead by Shawn Manley, this team trains and equips those who are called to act for the Kingdom Of God.  The primary vision for this team is to take mainstream theatre and the arts by force, edifying the Lord and the body with anointed drama that redefines and redraws the boundaries of Christ in Hollywood.  This team is taking it "by force"
Matt. 11:12: "The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence and the violent take it by force."
Paraphrase: (Strongs Concordance) The foundation of power siezes life, 
and the energetic forcer takes it for himself.

Team Members:

Shawn Manley

Anita Taylor

Joey Turner

Radiance Joseph

Rivka Joseph 

Tina Ingram

Corrin Pitts

Christopher Fowler