Stompers - Children's Dance

The Stompers are the Children's Dance Team, lead by Lisa Parker, a worshipper at heart!  This is a lyrical and creative movement team.  Using streamers, flags, mime, ballet and lyrical elements, they worship in a manner that is remniscent of the verse, "Let the little children come unto me, for such is the Kingdom of Heaven."

Out Of The Mist - Adult Dance

Out Of The Mist consists of Souls Harbor's Adult dancers.  This anointed team has been the birthing place for many teams, both inside Souls Harbor and in other churches.   Their style is lyrical in context, as well as dramatic in presentation.  They exude the glory of God as they offer Him their most excellent worship.  Through the example of leadership in action, Marie Turner keeps this team excited and expectant for the Holy Spirit to reign in the dance.

Yoke Breakers -  Break Dance

The Yoke Breakers are a Break Dance Team that is lead by Joey Turner who was once a Dancer for the World.  Bringing those gifts back to the Body of Christ and the Kingdom of God, as the Lord intended, played an important role in the origin of this team.  Ranging from ages 9 to 18, these "kids" spin and rap the message of the Gospel.