WORSHIP is our response to what WE VALUE most.

 What we value most is GOD!

 We were made BY HIM and FOR HIM.

 He is AWESOME beyond comprehension .

 WE EXIST for the purpose of reflecting back to God His matchless glory.  We will EXALT Him with our mouth and with our life for He is our HOPE, our JOY, our STRENGTH and our SALVATION.



Covenant Keepers

 Worship Leader: Pam Stapler  

Pam Stapler: Vocalist and Pianist

Shawn Manley: Vocalist

Joey Turner: Vocalist

Dave Joseph: Vocalist

Natalie Joseph: Vocalist

Reno Olds: Guitars

John Wilbur: Trumpet

Todd Hausler: Drummer

Billie Dove Hall: Vocalist, Pianist