The "Yoke Breakers" are a new ministry at Soul's Harbor.  
Lead by Joey Turner, this team is a dynamic dance group that features some amazing dancers. 

 The vision of this team is to "break" through religious barriers that tell the kids of today that dance is incorrect.  We believe that the Arts
were created for the church's use and it's time that we take 
every aspect of the arts back for the kingdom.

  The Yoke Breakers are the catalysts through which we are 
accomplishing this task. 

Team Members:

Joey Turner - Leader

Whitney Morris - Dancer (Age 18)

Corrin Pitts - Dancer (Age 15)

Rivka Joseph - Dancer  (Age 13)

Mieren Pitts - Dancer (Age 11)

Elijah Taylor - Dancer (Age 8)