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How many times have we heard (or probably even said) .... that person just walked by and ignored me; they have no consideration .... someone disagreed with me and got upset with me because they didn't want to hear what I had to say... they always try to prove that I'm wrong and they're right, they don't respect anything I have to say .... I called someone and they never returned my phone call ... I'm just not appreciated .... that person just used me; the only time they call me is when they want something .... oh, man, they just attacked me and didn't even care how it would affect me!  Don't they know that I have feelings?  Don't they care?

How many times have we had our feelings hurt?  How many people have we gotten offended with someone because they didn't treat us right?  Hmmmmmm

When God created man, he made him in His own likeness.  (Gen. 5:1)  In other words, He made a replica of Himself!  Everything else God spoke into existence, but He took His hands and formed us into His likeness.  He made man exactly like He wanted him and then for the final touch, He breathed His very breath of life into man.  We are the only creation that our Father made that he took such care with and fashioned with His own hands and then breathed His own life into us.  We are fearfully and wonderfully made.  (Ps 139:14)

Did you ever stop to think that God feels?   Did you ever stop to think that God gets hurt?  We use the term "grieve the Holy Spirit" so loosely, but we don't really stop to think what it really means.  God's capacity to love is greater than anything we have ever experienced .... and God's capacity to hurt is greater than anything we have ever experienced!

I heard Jesse Duplantis tell about a conversation he had with God.  He went into his study to talk with the Lord.  He said that he always says "Hello Jesus" and the Lord says, "Hello Jesse."  He said they are on first name basis.  (Are you on first name basis with your Father?  Have you ever "climbed up in His lap" and said, "I love you Daddy"?)

Anyway, Jesse said that something just wasn't right and he knew it wasn't with him.  He prayed for a little while and God ministerd to him and he ministered to God, but it still didn't feel right.  He finally asked God, "Has someone hurt You today?"  To make a long story short, the Holy Spirit spoke inside of Jesse and said, "My children have disobeyed Me."  Jesse cancelled his appointments for that day and just spent time in God's presence worshipping Him, honoring Him and ministering to Him.

Has the Lord asked you to talk with HIm today and you were too busy?  Has He asked you to just give Him a little time and you told Him that you don't have the time right now?  (How would you feel if your children didn't talk to you or didn't have time for you?  It would hurt deeply, wouldn't it?) Has He asked you to minister to someone and do something for someone else and you just didn't have the time to do it?  Has He asked you to witness to someone about His love and salvation, but you were too embarrassed or too afraid of rejection?  We don't even know what rejection is!  Nobody has been rejected more than our dear Savior!  Have you spent too much time in front of the television, or in front of the computer, or maybe shopping, on the telephone, or with something else you enjoy or takes up a lot of your time when your Creator was wanting you to be in His presence?  Have you hurt Him today?

I'm making a fresh commitment to spend even more time with my Lord!  I don't want to hurt Him.  He is my everything!  I owe Him everything!  He has taken me right out of the "pits of hell" and set my feet on The Solid Rock!  How could I not love the One who freed me from everything that had it's grips on me and turned my life around?  I would be dead today and in the devil's hell if it weren't for my loving Savior who redeemed me with His mercy and grace!

Have you hurt Him today???  Have you???  What are you going to do about it?