Our vision is far above the average ministry in the outreaches of this church.  To excel above church as usual in every area of ministry, Bible study and children's church is to mold our youth into vessels that know how to follow the spirit of the Lord. 

We believe God can use young people to flow in the Spirit at very young ages.  Through proper teaching and guidance, even young children can be spiritual giants.  The Spirit came upon David and he slew a lion and bear at a very young age. 
The youth of this church is our highest target.  We want to teach them how to live by faith at a much higher level than our generation ever dreamed of by teaching nothing but the Faith and no religious tradition and half-truths of unbelief, which make the Word of God of no effect.
Our goal is to produce the excellence of Jesus Ministry through our young adults and this will only be accomplished if we teach them from youth.  The enemy is so subtle and deceiving, he has had us teaching our children and ourselves (through the past years) poison seeds of unbelief and it has produced "religion" instead of relationship and true sonship.