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by Elizabeth Smith, Prison Ministry Coordinator & Minister


West Central PDC

Every Monday night we go to West Central PDC in Zebulon, Georgia.  I cannot begin to tell you what a blessing it is to be able to minister to these precious ladies.  They thank us over and over for taking the time to be there and to minister and yet I feel that I am getting the biggest blessing.  I feel that they give me a lot more than I give to them.  And I know that the other volunteers who have gone in with me feel the same way.

We have seen many prayers answered.  One lady had asked for prayer because she had a large lump right above her waistline and it was causing her pain.  In the natural the first thing that came to my mind was a tumor, but God said no, that it was a hernia.  We laid hands on her and prayed.  The next week I asked her how she was doing.  She said a little better.  I put my hand on the area where the lump was and it was larger!  She winced when I touched it because it hurt.  I told the devil that he is a liar; that my sister was healed!  I instructed her to keep standing on the healing scriptures I had given her.  The next week when I went back, IT WAS GONE!  Another lady asked for prayer-she had been told that her liver was "dead."  She had been having a lot of physical problems.  We prayed.  A few weeks ago she had some tests made and they couldn't find anything wrong with her liver!!!  Another sister was having trouble even getting out of bed because her legs and hips hurt so badly.  I had the other ladies lay hands on her hips and knees and we prayed for her.  The Lord showed me that she had crippling arthritis.  Well, I was told two weeks ago that she was bending her knees to stoop down and had been walking two laps!  These are just a few of MANY healings that we see each week.  Praise the Lord!  We have seen bodies healed, families restored, loved ones saved, but most of all, LIVES CHANGED!!!!

In the months when there is a 5th Sunday, we are now holding Sunday evening services on that night at West Central PDC.  Part of our praise and worship team go down and part of VOW (our adult praise dance team).  The Holy Spirit really moves in these services.  We know that many lives are being changed!  Glory to God!

We also hold a Day of Freedom on a Saturday two times a year when our Praise Team, VOW, motorcycle ministry, puppet ministry and intercessory prayer team go in for an entire day of praise and worship, dance, puppets, testimonies and ministering to these ladies.  WHAT AN AWESOME DAY!  We're believing God for more Days of Freedom at other institutions.

Certification Training

Chaplain Charles Tolbert (Volunteer Coordinator for the State of Georgia) came to Soul's Harbor on June 19, 2004 to conduct training for certification so we can have the additional teams needed.  It was originally planned for the 24 people from Soul's Harbor who are going to be certified, but word had gotten around and we had people come from   different ministries in North and Central Georgia.  We had around 80 volunteers train to go into prisons. 

There has been such an interest in prison ministry that we are holding another training on January 29, 2005.  Chaplain Danny Horne from Phillips State Prison will be conducting that training.

God bless all of you who support the prison ministry with your prayers and also your giving.  It is the same reward as if you actually went into the prisons and jails.

Hays State Prison

We are presently ministering in the Annex Building where most of these men are already saved. It is more of a teaching service; teaching them how to live the WORD and how to live in FAITH so that they can receive the PROMISES of GOD.  We are looking forward to going into the boot camp when we get more people certified.

Bill Fowler and Terri Zellmer go in every Monday night and Chris and Junie Kerstine go in every Tuesday night. 

 ...I was in prison and ye came unto me...Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.  Matt. 25:36b, 40b