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God is Moving in the Prison Ministry...



We just had our fifth Day of Freedom at WCPDC on Saturday, November 4th. What an AWESOME Day in the Lord!  There were over a hundred that committed their lives to Jesus, many instantly filled with the Holy Spirit, physical     healings, hearts and emotions healed, homes restored, chains of bondage and addiction broken, and many other answers to prayer.  Women of Warfare (WCPDC's praise dance team) ministered three beautiful dances and what a blessing! Several ladies who have been released now attend Soul's Harbor and we are so blessed to have them.

We really appreciate Warden Edd Sanders, Chaplain Bowen and the entire Staff at WCPDC for all they do to help these ladies to turn their lives around and all they have done for Ye Visited Me Ministries.  Please keep the ladies and the Staff in your prayers.


On Thursday, October 5th, volunteers with "Ye Visited Me Ministries" caravanned to Swainsboro, GA via motorcycles, cars and vans (leaving at various times) to minister to the men at Emanuel PDC in Swainsboro and Twin City. The ones who arrived early had dinner and went to an old-fashioned tent meeting.  

We arrived at Emanuel PDC - Swainsboro at 7:30 AM to check in and unload all of the equipment. When we were finished setting up and the motorcycles were in place, the men began to come out into the yard. Our volunteers "poured their hearts out" for six hours ministering to the men.  The next day we repeated the same thing at Emanuel PDC - Twin City.  There was a time during the puppet ministry the men began to Break Dance, how awesome.

There were many salvations and rededications both days.  Praise the Lord!  When we circled through the yard at both locations, shaking their hands, there were many tears and grateful words for the Day of Freedom. These two days will be long remembered by both the men at Emanuel PDC and the volunteers who were able to attend.  We look forward to going back.  We thank you Superintendent Terwillger and Chaplain Davis, as well as the Officers, for making these two days possible. 


Hays State Prison has some God-loving men who are growing very fast in The Word, because they are "eating and drinking" the Word daily. They have been standing on the Word of the Lord and seeing it come to pass.  They love to offer praise up to the Lord and we know God is very pleased to hear them.  The men are building a firm foundation with God's Word and are preparing themselves to be the husbands and fathers they are called to be.  We love our brothers in Christ and praise the Lord for them. 

Pastors Bernardino & Kimberly Sanchez are a part of our team and we were blessed to be able to start what was intended to be a Hispanic service at Hays every Tuesday evening.  They went in days prior to the first service and spoke with the Hispanic population who were very excited about the services.  When the Sanchezes arrived for their first service, a group of men came out to worship but there was not one who spoke Spanish.  God's Spirit flowed and they had a great service.  The next week all the men from the first service came back out and, praise God, brought with them their Spanish speaking brothers.  They worshiped the Lord in English and Spanish together as one voice to Him. They were blessed as one of the men led in praise songs and they will be having a different special singer each week in different styles of worship with Christian Rap, Hip-Hop, Country Gospel, Praise & Worship, and    Spanish and some Native American as well.  (For those of you that may not know this, "Amazing Grace", a song sung in every language and in almost every church culture, is the anthem of the Native Americans.)  It has been an awesome time in the Lord, a time of renewing for everyone, and the Sanchezes are looking forward to going back every week and spending time worshiping with these great men.


We go to Men's State Prison in Milledgeville every 2nd Sunday of the month.  There are usually between 120-125 men in attendance and what an awesome time we've been having.  We have been seeing God move on these men,    changing lives and healing.  We had a miraculous healing at the last service and we are looking forward to his written testimony so we can publish it in the Decapolis Herald for everyone to read.  You can see the love of the Lord on their faces. 

NOTE TO ALL WARDENS, CHAPLAINS AND OFFICERS AT ALL THE FACILITIES WE GO INTO:  Thank you so very much from the bottom of our heart for all you do to help our ministry trips be so successful.  You are in our prayers.  Most of all we praise God for all He is doing in the lives of these men and women.  Praise the Lord!