Jail and Prison Ministry
Our vision for Prison Ministry is to offer anointed teams with powerful music, Word and deliverance ministry that sing and preach nothing but faith and truth with signs following - starting with one team and growing into many teams going into every prison in Georgia, with volunteer chaplains, mentors by mail and personal prison visits.  We will build and operate a half-way house and give select inmates a place to parole, go to church and Bible study, work and get re-established in society.  We will build houses for men, women, and families giving strong spiritual support and family Christian love from our church.
"....I was in prison, and ye came
 unto me."  Matt. 25:36 (KJV)
"Ye Visited Me Ministries" has been going into West Central in Zebulon, GA every Monday evening  since March 2003, and Hays State Prison in Trion, GA on Monday evenings since April 2004.  We hold 19 church services every month in prisons around the State of Georgia.  We also hold special services at other institutions such as Metro Transitional, Metro State Prison, Pulaski State Prison, Lee Arrendale State Prison, Bostick State Prison, Augusta Medical Center and Griffin Diversion Center to mention a few. 
We now have a bi-lingual service at Hays State Prison every Tuesday night with Pastors Bernardino and Kimberly Sanchez.
The "Day of Freedom" is a day event that we hold at West Central State Prison twice a year and Emanuel in Swainsboro and Twin City twice a year, Men's State Prison annually and we have held a Day of Freedom at Southeast PDC in Moultrie, GA.  There are several other institutions interested in having a Day of Freedom and we are looking forward to that in the near future.
We have 40 active certified state volunteers who go into different prisons on a regular basis each month with about 20 other volunteers who attend the Days of Freedom or special services.  Doors are opening and we're believing God for MANY more doors to open.  Hallelujah!
1st Sunday;
   Service at Dooly State Prison
2nd Sunday:
   Service at Mens State Prison
3rd Saturday:
   Service at Baldwin State Prison
3rd Saturday:
   Service at Frank Scott Prison
3rd Sunday:
   Service at Wilcox State Prison
4th Sunday:
   Service at Dodge State Prison
5th Sundays:
   Service at West Central State Prison
Every Monday:
   West Central State Prison
   Hays State Prison
Every Tuesday:
   Hays State Prison - Bilingual Service
Who Am I Lord?
A poem by Stephen Behee
Who am I Lord?
Am I not just a man?
Locked up in a prison,
How do I fit your plan?

I'm not a great speaker,
I don't know how to teach;
Everyone knows I'm not perfect,
Who am I to preach?

I am only a sinner,
I'd just embarrass myself;
nobody will listen,
Lord how can I help?

Then my Bible fell open
To Matthew 5:44,
And through tear-filled eyes
I saw God open His door.

He answered all of my questions,
Showed me how to live,
Taught me how to be humble
And how to forgive.

How to give without getting,
How he wants us to pray,
How to smile and rejoice,
How to live for Him each day.

And as His truth unfolded,
It all became crystal clear
It didn't matter where I was
I could serve Him right here!

Yes, it takes constant effort,
He gives us all free choice;
We can choose to follow the world
Or we can listen to his voice!

But the cost of rebellion
Not one of us can afford,
So even here in this prison
I choose to serve the Lord!

Copyright (c) 2000 Stephen Behee, used by permission