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Requirements for Being a Member of Soul's Harbor Soldiers of the Cross

Our mission is very simple and can be summed up in one word - MINISTRY.


We believe our Christian responsibilities are:

§          Serving the children of God and to reach out to all the others with God's unconditional love.

§          Giving financial support to other ministries and local law enforcement through various kinds of fundraisers.

§          Having local biker events that not only unite the different Christian Biker Ministries but also invite and welcome the secular riders.

§          We believe that motorcycles are another avenue in which we can spread God's Word and unconditional love to the world.

§          Our outreach into prisons includes every Champions of Life event we can possibly attend and every other open door these motorcycles can carry us through.

§          Going into secular rallies, not with a religious attitude, but the genuine Love of God.

§          Being very careful to maintain an honorable walk of integrity and true Christianity.

§          Sharing with the secular world the Jesus Who loved them so much that He died for them while there were yet sinners.


Members of Soul's Harbor Chapter of Soldiers of the Cross must:

1.       Be born-again and filled with the Holy Spirit.

2.       Be fully committed to the Church, and truly submitted to the Pastor's God-given authority, fulfilling their part of the covenant.

3.       Agree with Soul's Harbor Articles of Faith.

4.       Pay a one-time membership fee of $100.

5.       To the best of their ability, live a lifestyle that is above reproach, not doing anything to dishonor the patch.


The one-time membership fee will go towards helping to pay for the expenses of operating the ministry as well as helping members (that cannot afford at times) to go on ministry outings.  Our members are expected to support this ministry with their prayers and finances and to be loyal to other members, avoiding strife and disharmony at any cost.


After becoming a member you will receive a set of patches and a certificate.  (The Soldiers of the Cross patches are the property of this ministry.)  We consider becoming a member as being an honor and privilege to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.  We ask that you conduct yourself in a Christ-like manner at all times (Phil. 1:27; Col. 1:10).  If any chapter member should require disciplinary action for dishonoring the rules described above, it shall be agreed upon that if he or she cannot abide by said rules, then he or she will be required to turn in their patch to the National President.


You will also receive a copy of the Articles of Faith.  If you have any questions, please ask any of the Officers.


May we all be determined to use our love for riding as a tool for witnessing and representing our love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.