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A Success Story...
Robin was a detainee at West Central PDC.  She first came to a service when we held a 5th Sunday night service.  She was crying and I prayed with her and the Lord ministered to her through me. She started coming faithfully to our Monday night Bible Study.  When she got released, she started coming to Soul's Harbor.  She wrote this letter for the Decapolis Herald and I want to share it on this website.  This is especially for anyone who thinks that a convicted felon never changes!  God does change lives!!!  Praise the Lord!
A Letter of Love...
 My name is Robin Reece and I was a drug addict.  Addicted to meth, I lived in a black hole of misery for many years.  I had a meth lab blow up in my face that caused my face and arms to be burned and scarred.  I found myself at the end of my rope, maybe the end of my life, I thought.  I thought there was no way out for me except death.

I spent a year in jail and then found myself back with the same demons that haunted me and a husband still addicted to meth.  Five months later, on April 1, 2004, I found myself at West Central PDC boot camp where I found my personal relationship with Jesus Christ through the ministry of Ms. Elizabeth with Ye Visited Me Ministries out of  Soul's Harbor Church..

This ministry taught us about Jesus on Monday nights.  All of us girls at PDC couldn't wait for Monday night. Every Monday the truth brought us hope and the news that Jesus loved us and forgave us no matter what we had done.  He wouldn't leave us or judge us, but love us and forgive us. I was taught that even with my scars; I was beautiful inside and outside.  Every week I was assured of this.

Ms. Elizabeth had traveled so many of the same roads that I traveled that I could relate to her and I grew to love her and the Lord so much.  I finally found myself, with her help, God's love and kindness, being truly free on the inside from the chains of addiction that bound me and the courage to go on and fight to live.

With Jesus' help, it is now possible to start my new life.  I thank my Lord and Savior for setting me truly free and thanks to Ms. Elizabeth for never giving up on me or the girls at West Central PDC.  They love her and so do I. I want the world to know that Jesus is saving these women's lives and give us all hope that we can make it.  Thanks to the truth, maybe more can learn to be free again.  

I have been released and my life has changed.  I know that, with the help of my Lord, I will never go back to that old life again.  I truly have started a new life.